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minority voters. mitt romney, in losing, have the best showing among white male voters. will delve into this from every possible angle, but let me start with you, dan. let's talk about your thoughts about the implications of these results, both for the republican and minority voters, but also as an incumbent democrat president struggled and cannot in the and get to 40 percent support among the white voters. >> i appreciate starting their because a spent a good amount of my time -- i think you for doing this panel and the participants. i started my work in politics focusing on reagan, democrats, and the role of race in weighing down the democratic party. it may well be that some of the issues readdress, if i had to list -- of the issues we address, if i had to list, the democratic party is the party that has won the most votes in every presidential election since 1992. we should probably asked whit and others to speculate on what the republicans to do to address that. but i do not want to leave it there because i don't think that is a big enough picture about what happened on the de
in touch with you, 53% of voters on tuesday said barack obama. and 43% said mitt romney. that 10-point deficit proved fatal to romney. romney never recovered from missteps that labeled him too rich to understand the average american. there was the $10,000 bet he offered rick perry in one of those really primary debates. that became so notorious that it was part of the narrative. >> many voters feel that mitt romney's out of touch with real americans after he tried to make the bet with rick perry for $10,000. yeah, when asked to comment, mitt said, i'm sorry, but that's all i had in my pocket at the time. chris: wow. what romney thought he could score points after president obama said the private sector was doing just fine. david lederman turned it around on romney. >> mitt romney jumped right on this and waste nod time issuing this response -- wasted no time issuing this response saying that the private sector is fine. watch what mitt had to say. >> after president obama made this statement -- >> the private sector is doing fine. >> mitt romney quickly responded. >> he said the private
, craig. >>> still to come, mitt romney gained ground among white voters, but that's actually really about it. can the gop salvage their chances with brown and beige voters in america? we'll talk about that. also, the latest details following cia director david petrae petraeus' resignation. and up next, what's hillary clinton's next move? certainly not too early to speculate about 2016. we enjoy doing that here from time to time. stop your groens. this is msnbc, the place for politics. [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan p-d-p gives you a low national plan premium... so you can focus on what really matters. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one
that was the undecided voter. those people were saying there were for romney and the people who were undecided are people who used before, but they did not like his performance so there were undecided. undecided. we're going to analyze it, we have to analyze it as persuadable voters. the way we analyze undecided voters is ridiculous. independents are no longer the romney won independence and in a lot of key battleground states, he carried the independent vote and lost. independents the way they define themselves now in this era of strong partisanship tends to lean slightly republican. if they split even or democrats when it, it is a good year for democrats. moderates lean democratic. moderates are also a key swing vote. we have to look at people who call themselves moderates and independents and somewhere in between or the combination is your swing electric. we dismissed moderates for years because people were saying leans democratic. we should dismiss demographics -- independence because they leaned democratic. the suburbs cannot be analyzed as a whole. you look nationally, romney won the suburbs by two
93% of african-americans, a 71% of hispanics, more women than romney. he won 52% of voters under 34. half the independent voters. 54% of those who make over $100,000 a year. first we will hear from the president. >> i believe we can lead this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions. >> we will get to the campaign and mitt romney in a minute, but first listen to what john boehner said after the election. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we are ready to be led. not as democrats or republicans, but as americans. let's rise above the this function and do the right thing for our country. >> later john maynard told diane sawyer he is the most reasonable, responsible person -- john boehner told diane sawyer he is the most reasonable, responsible person in washington and the president knows that. the fiscal cliff looms at the end of the year. will we reach a compromise before then, charles? >> i do not think it will be a comprehensive compromise. i think they will be able to patch something together
voters, and explains maybe in part ohio why romney didn't get the same number of votes, 2 million votes, 2 1/2 million votes lower than john mccain. >> i think what stands out about obama's victory to me is how ugly it was, this was identity politics on steroids telling black people republicans wanted to take away their right to vote and telling women there's war on them that seniors, that paul ryan wants to push granny off the cliff in a wheelchair. this is not the hope and change obama, this was not, there's no red state and blue state obama. he won ugly, it's divisive and if this is the template for how democrats want to win elections going forward to this-- >> and i can tell you what the reaction in the white house would be if they heard you say that, they would say get over it, grow up, this is politics, republicans got a, you know, put on their boxing gloves and get over it. >> oh, yeah. >> paul: so what? you know. >> i won, you know, suck it up. >> i agree. this is the new benchmark the way you win a presidential campaign. no question about it, it's too bad, but that's the way it
where there were 77% of voters that were white, mitt romney would have won last night. like voters went down to 72%. we are living in a different world where you can win white voters. mitt romney won white tears by 20 points. >> let's say 5:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m., what was the first or second thing you saw or heard that told you this might not be such a good night? >> florida. how it has not been called yet. it was so tight and obama was a little bit ahead and he continued to be a half. >> there was no route to his 70 without florida. but florida was not a good sign. >> when we look at how swing voters and how good faith, when you look at the exit poll data, independents voted for romney. usually independents tipped the scale, but that did not happen. >> one of the things that was one on in the blogosphere was the role of independents. can either one of you address what made one pulled different from another in terms of how they ask the question and that sort of thing? >> certainly. here it is a self-described. when we do the polling, we are asking people how you identify. partisan identi
. the president n 93% o african-americans, a 71% of thannics, more women romney. 73% of asian-americans. 60% of voters 18 to 29. he won 52% of voters under 34. 4234. half the independent voters.s. overf those who me $100,000 a year. first we will ar from the president. thi i believe we e can le arere together because we politicssided as our suggest. we are not as cynical as the pundits believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions. >> we will get to the campaign d mittomney in a minute, but john listen to what boehner said after the election. your. president, this is ment. we are ready to be led. not as democra or republicans, but as americans. let's rise above the this function and do the right thing for our country. >> later john maynard told diane mostr he ishe personbable, responsible dianen boehner told mostr he is the personble, responsible presidentn and the knows that. and he knows that he and john can work together. -- john boehner can work tother. end of the year. will we ach a compromise before then, charles? a i do not thinink it will be comprehensive compromi
are particularly critical. >>> let's get another sample. voters by age. age. 60%, romney 36%. why are they still with president obama? >> he is a casematic someone that appeals. most of them are young, they are in school, they don't pay taxes, they get student loans. >> listen, we have george wallace in 1968 won the youth vote. they go to the extremes. >> they are social liberals also. they have tolerant views about marriage and gay people and pot, everything. >> it is culture. >>> hook-up culture. >>> okay retirees age 65 and older. obama 44%, romney 55%. what about that? do you want to speak to that? >> as a retirement age person, no, you know, older folks are more, i'm afraid so. i have got my medicare card john. older voters, of course more conservative in regard to the social change. i think the whole idea of a guy named barack obama, with an african background in his family being president. >> get a little bit more race in 40%,40%, romney 58%. black americans, obama 93%, romney 6%. hispanic americans, obama 69%, romney 29%. asian americans, hold on on obama 74%, romney 25%. question. wher
and in the debates, the voters feel that they're seeing the real person. and romney, the way he appeared, was not the way he had been defined and suddenly the race changed again. we had the strange upand down race that -- up and down race that ended in close to a tie. 50-49 this morning? i that make sense. wouldn't be shocking. and yet, if you were a republican voter, and don't know why i think there might be a republican voter in this room -- [laughter] -- right what does that say? >> right there. >> he's not a republican. former party hack. [laughter] so if you're a republican voter, sympathizer, you have a little -- you don't have a pleasant taste in your mouth after the election. i mean, we certainly had a mixed result here, split decision. republicans continue to hold the house. democrats continue to hold the senate. adding a couple seats. the president won just very narrowly 50/48, 50/49. mitt romney made significant in-roads among many groups, not all groups but many groups. younger voters. white men, white women. number of constituencies improving his showing. yet if qure a repub
turnout for romney did they were very helpful. but ththey also thought that the turnout would not be as strtrong for young voters suppororting obama, bck voters supporting a,. -- obama. in the e, when fairfax county and alexandria votes cacame in, that is where theyere wrong. >> a lot of common n interests between the romney campaign in virginia and george allen campaign in rginia on the issue you cite, what republicans call the w on coal. no doubt that this territory f for the red team. but young people and oththers, who are cruciaial and central to the obama universe, anand tim kaine benefited fromom this as well -- they came out in numbers. they were both wo -- they were mototivated in numberss to comeut. >> mr. obama medical forcece early and the camign, that he could forsake coal and oil interests by a winning those w keep least as well as those he annoyed. -- who he pleased was tse he annoyed. it would be strong base of support for "clean ergy" a as a concepept. what you saw in virginia was why obama 1 nationally. >> one saidid a prayer with h employees.s. i thought was
mitt romney are in their final push to sway voters and get out the vote. the candidates are focusing on the crucial battleground states and those undecided voters. >> this is an election about big things, about big choices. and that's why in november we're going to elect a person and a team and a people who are gonna come together to bring real change and big change to america. [ cheers and applause ] >> we imagine a better america, and then we work hard to make it happen. that's who we are. that's why i'm asking for your vote. and if you give me your vote, i promise you, you will always have a president who hears your voices. >> in the meantime, sandy unleashed her wrath of fury along the east coast after killing at least 66 people in the caribbean. the monster storm packed hurricane-strength winds, torrential rain, and caused massive damage as it ripped through north carolina, delaware, and up the seaboard through the new york city area. also, microsoft launching its new windows 8 operating system and surface tablet with a major redesign. this is the biggest overhaul of the tech gi
's election. according to exit polls, president obama won a slight majority of catholic voters overall, thanks largely to strong support from latino catholics. mitt romney won the white catholic vote by an almost 20-point margin. almost 80% of evangelicals who voted voted for romney. black protestants went overwhelmingly for obama, as did the vast majority of jews. but the biggest share of obama's faith coalition was voters who say they aren't affiliated with any religion. steve schneck was co-chair of catholics for obama. he says while issues like abortion, religious liberty and gay marriage were important, in the end, it was the economy that tipped the scale for the president. >> all of these religious issues, while they are important to religious voters, i think, even among religious voters, they ranked these issues a little further down on the spectrum. >> ralph reed of the faith and freedom coalition admitted that a massive mobilization among religious conservatives wasn't enough to offset the number of women, young people and minorities who voted democratic. >> i think we need to do a be
this time. it hasn't been vibrant or robust. that's what governor romney ran on. obviously, the voters weren't particularly impressed -- >> but one of the things that might have been happening at the end, you had consumer confidence going up, good job numbers. >> but let's not forget the inner-city, in very tough times for a lot of people. if you look at the numbers that just came out on food stamps, the most recent number is august, went up about 421,000 people in the month of august for food stamps. >> but greta, the president did not lose the inner city. >> i'm saying that, the economy in those areas, we have -- everyone has completely ignored it. >> in the second term, i think there will be a commitment out of this white house to pay attention to those issues. but, you know, it didn't help that the republican party called the president a food stamp president. more anti-poverty funding since -- >> i want to pick up on something -- hold on a second. i want to pick up on something that congressman schock was just talking about, immigration. you heard paul gigot, house speaker john boehner,
those from he romney campaign. it looks like they were ron paul voters, rick santorum voters, and a few others. now they're back. >> certainly the enthusiasm that the republicans thought they coulcount on did not actually materialized. whether that is because there are not excited about the candid it's, nothing anyone would have been more excited. certainly a lot of people ould be a lot less excited. lou: i was as suggesting break as a substitute. i was just saying, you have not heard from them for months, and now he is back on television. the same thing with ron paul. i mean, what in the world is going on? >> proof positive that the republics not only don't have a defense, they have nothing. lou: really? >> overstating. lou: you're also accusing me. how much of a bench to they need if you have a nominee. >> that did not have much of want. lou: they had one guy on the bench, and he was one heck of a queen of kidder. >> beat somebody with nobody. lou: bill clinton. bill clinton and chris christie. what does obama have? we will be back with "a-team" in just one second. they will ponder th
early voters. the key was that obama went into tuesday ahead in the battle ground states. so mitt romney had to win by large margins and he wasn't able to do that. >> so david, there's the ground game as jelena mentioned butted video that leaked out of mitt romney saying disparaging things about 47% of the american public. did that ultimately damn him? >> that didn't damn him but that hurt him with those independents because of the way it was done. look, it was more than a gap. it was used as a political weapon against him. jelena, however, hit a number of the key points about this. ground game when you look at the voting breakouts, barack obama was able to hold onto those that voted for him in 2008. and that was key to this. and in the battle ground states was able to make up ground and take the lead. the republican ground game wasn't as effective. people didn't vote in the end because they were worried about who was getting money more or redistributing up or down as michael said. they were voting on who they thought would be better for their situation. >> yeah. i don't disagree. but th
they were taking the republican voters for granted, i think they fail a lot of what mitt romney and paul ryan was doing was to sure up the base. i had this conversation last night abouted to akin and richard mourdock. the idea in the 21st century anybody should spend any time trying to determine when is rape okay and when is it not okay. this should not even be a question. karen hughs who is george bush's communication director said the next time i hear anyone questioning anything about rape i want to cut their tongue out. mitt romney didn't consent it, he said i support him but i don't agree with what he said. so this conversation last night he had to say that because he could not ail nate his base. they spent too much time coddling and suring up his base who is votes they could have gotten. republicans could have won this election. president obama with the economy the way it is was vellnerble. i would say they had the edge going into this election and they blew it. >> let's go to a viewer who says bill press calls out the pollsters as sheisters. >> no i don't think all of them but i wo
to be interviewed about the depth of this defeat. not just for mitt romney but given the demographic problems that the gop now faces, particularly with hispanic voters. they can be more open with the journalists now, do you think? >> i think so. i think you saw a story in the "washington post" right after. it was either the day after or the next day about some of the soul searching that they're doing. i think we're going to be talking about this for a while. >> right. what bothers me is the people who take the pot shots without being quoted. this was -- >> this was them coming out and saying we're doing an after action report on this. >> bombshell news at the bbc where the director general george entwhistle resigned yesterday. of course there's been the continuing embarrassment over the former -- the late talk show host jimmy saville and sex abuse charges involving hundreds of children. and now a problem tra that inaccurately accused somebody of being involved in a pedophile scandal. it's a mess. >> it's probably the worst thing that's happened to the bbc in a very long time. not just the dir
the state of florida with 50% of the vote compared to romney's 49%. that means the president won all eight battleground states. >>> good news for florida voters. governor rick scott rekweted a review of his state's vote progress says, especially in areas where voters waited four hours or more. according to scott, more than 8.5 million votes were cast this year, an increase of the approximately 8.3 million in 2008. >>> long lines weren't the only problem during the election. some polling sites ran out of ballots and some vote machines malfunctioned and president obama said, quote, we have to fix that. we wanted to know if the u.s. election process is even fixable. so i spoke with election officer rick hassan yesterday, and this is what he had to say. >> well, there are two biggs problems. one is we have partisans running our elections. we had that in 2008. she wu also the co-chair of bush's election committee. the other problem we had, we didn't have a single election, we had 10,000 elections because we had elections on the local level and a big part of the problem is not people trying to s
the voter restrictions in pennsylvania saying, "this is how we're going to win pennsylvania for mitt romney"? >> well, no, there was a state senator who said that. >> excuse me, a state senator. >> this will allow mitt romney to win the election. now, the implication of that is that the suggestion was that there's such pervasive fraud that he wouldn't be able to win without it. i do not think that is correct. but i think that actually when you parse what he was saying i think that's what he meant. and i think that you're actually illustrating my point in a wonderful way. there's so much distrust that, and of course people aren't inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. let's interpret what he said in the most favorable possible light because there is legitimate distrust that is rooted in the fact that these are communities that don't generally talk to each other. >> but you know, i brought you together because both of you from different perspectives have been writing about the people at the bottom of our economic ladder. is anything going to change for those people? >> you have nearly
well have been exploited. but it was said. and it captured the imagination of voters who said wait a minute, who is he talking about? the reality is he's talking about me. >> that was at the top of the ticket saying that. >> yes. >> so if you take romney out of the equation then, do you get some of those voters back without that 47% comment? >> well, you always -- you're talk future elections? you always have the potential of getting those voters back. >> it seems to be a growing challenge for the republican party. how do you reach those latino voters? >> i think there's another question. latino voters and african-americans. i would think you've got to have an honest discussion about how do we broaden the tent. >> but you mentioned that you want to -- you know, social issues are more democratic, and people being more fiscally conservative. but in both the communities you just talked about, you have a lot of pro-life, church-going, socially conservative, much more so than sometimes the candidates that they vote for. you don't have to change your views and really you shouldn't. if th
, romney 206. nationwide some votes are still being counted but it's clear americans chose president obama to serve a second term. voters also allowed republicans to retain control of the house. so the debate over raising taxes and cutting programs to reduce the deficit continues. with the year-end that's correct time bomb ticking away. both parties face a year end deadline when temporary tax cuts intended to rejuvenate the economy expire. president obama is asking the wealthiest americans to pay more in taxes to help cut the taxes. republicans say raising taxes on business owners would only eliminate more jobs. >> what has been the missing ingredient in congress to date has been the revenue. and to make sure that it is fairly distributed and the wealthy pay their fair share. that is what we face right now. if our republican counter parts can step forward with that revenue piece, we will be able to find a solution. >> president obama said two years ago now is not the time with a sluggish economy to raise taxes. we need to consider the fact that the folks he is talking about raising taxes o
on one of those three, either a failed voter turnout, surge of african-americans at the poll, or a lack of love for governor romney from the republicans. guest: well, you know, in terms of the lack of love, i wouldn't say that it's specifically romney. i would say people are fed up with the republican party. that's one of the reasons the tea party movement was born, because it was frustration and anger with both parties, but especially the republican party. and so, if there's anything we've heard over the past several days since tuesday, it's that people are tired of the moderate stance of the republican party and, you know, they want true change. they want true fiscal conservatives. and so i think probably that had some impact on it. host: we're talking with amy kremer, chairman of the tea party express, about the tea party and its future, also the future. republican party moving forward. and we want to get you all involved in the conversations. the number is 202-585-3880 for democrats. 202-585-3881 for republicans. independents, 202-585-3882. theou're calling outside u.s., 585-3883. y
it just a moment ago. 1980, reagan beat carter, 56% of the white vote. mitt romney lost with 59% of the vote. here's why. in 1980, whites made up 88% of the electorate. 88% in 1980. tuesday, they made up 72% of voters. so the math simply doesn't work anymore. al, i wouldn't be going out on a limb here to say that the gop has a minority problem. i've heard lots of people say that. does your party have a future in national elections if it can attract more non-white voters? >> well, if it can't, it's not just political malpractice. it will be political suicide. we just need to do a better job. as i tell my friends in both the senate right and the conservative movement, we don't need to change our values. we believe those are winning values. but we need to make a long-term commitment and a real commitment to minority communities. we can't lose the hispanic vote 4 to 1. we can't lose the asian vote 4 to 1. we can't lose the black vote 9 to 1. you start out with a premise that requires a 60%-plus vote of white america. that's just not going to happen as it declines in population. thes
the knowledge, the technical know-how and that seemed to make a huge difference. the romney campaign folks i spoke to inside the campaign said on the election day they were blown away. they had no idea how much more obama knew about voters in certain areas and it just blew them out of the water. >> what gets people to vote? there are people who say, you know, once you've identified they're likely to be a democrat or republican, the trigger you pull, i read some where that shame is something you can pool like the catholic religion. >> that's true and mothers. if someone votes -- voting is a habit. so if someone votes, they're going to vote next time. you and i, we didn't have to be persuaded to vote. but there are people out there who are potential voters but not necessarily going to show up. there are two thing us you can . you can get a friend to call them or friends. that's why obama asked you to use your facebook log on so they can figure out who your friends are. hey, wi saw that your you're friends with rubin in nevada. could you give him a call and ask him to go vote. >> giving them a
independents. mitt romney won independents by 10 points in ohio, lost the state. they just-- >> schieffer: barack obama also won white working clalsz voters in ohio, which he didn't do very well with in other places. >> what he did in ohio was did well enough with white work clalsz voters and the african american turnout in ohio was 11% in 2008. it was 15% in this election. why did that happen? the strategists i talked to sort of were like, well, of course, barack obama is going to do well with african americans. if you look at african america african americans -- two things you talk to strategists who know the african american community, there was an effort by republicans in states from pennsylvania, florida, ohio, to shrink the amount of days and ways in which african americans could vote. >> schieffer: you know, to me, most telling statistic in this whole race, dee dee, is when i read and learned from those exit polls that barack obama had won the cuban vote in florida. >> right. in florida. and the hispanic vote made up the entire marge nin florida, ended up being 73,000 votes. you ca
, -- in some ways they are going to be just that caters in the legislature. they need to be with voters, educate them on what's going on in the process, because there's going to be a pendulum swing back and forth. >> another bold prediction. we remember you saying that romney was going to win the election. i saw something from you saying that florida would go to romney. >> tom delta carl, a man who actually shows up today. he could've said no. thanks. we will be right back. ,,,, mark a milestone for a popur pet-friendly literacy initiative. it's the tenth anniversary of "paws to rea" the program has ch >> which is on parade. a milestone for a popular pet friendly literacy initiative. it's the tenth anniversary of pasta read. the program has children read aloud to dogs helping the students improve their literacy skills and gain confidence reading in public. >> they actually become self-confident, happy children who often go home and try to replicate the whole program at home. >> more than 7000 7000 and nine -- elementary schoolchildren have participated over the last decade. similar pro
. mitt romney waited until the last minute to eelectrify the campaign on what he was going to do. democrats are in the game 365 days a year. republicans need it in today. >> you mentioned latino voters. how can you win these folks over with controversial topics focused on them like immigration? >> two things. coming in at the last minute with someone you barely know is hard to convince them. we need to change the way we deal with immigration. i'm one of the few republicans who talk about the fact the way we approach the border issue is punitive. what you are doing wrong at the border. when you approach latinos on border safety and boarder violence they take an interest in wanting to correct the issue. instead of republicans say what we are doing is sending you to jail they need to say we have a vested interest along the border and reach a common cause. >> when i look at republicans in the elect rat there is a lot is a lot of diversity. to have hispanic senators in the republican party. >> there was a lag period of time where that wasn't emphasized enough. >> is there a reluctant
. the romney campaign folks i spoke to inside the campaign said on election day they were blown away. they had no idea how much more obama knew about voters in certain areas and it just blew them out of the water. >> what gets people to vote? there are people who say, you know, once you've identified as a likely to be democrat or republican the trigger you pull -- i read somewhere that shame is actually a very useful inducement, which i suppose the catholic church has known for a long time. >> that's true. a number of religions -- and i think mothers have perfected using shame. there's two things in particular. if someone votes -- voting is a habit. so if someone votes, they're going to vote next time. you and i, we didn't have to be persuaded to vote. but there are people out there who are potential voters but not necessarily going to show up. and for them there's two things you can do. the first of which is you can get a friend to call them or a friend of a friend. this is one of the reason why's and asked you to use your facebook log on, so they can figure out who all o
romney had? >> it collapsed. second, john's point is one that we have to begin with. if you are only really competing for white voters over the age of 40, it is hard to is that town out. obama was inclusive. >> do republicans need to be more conciliatory and give up on taxes the rich? remember the debates we have had when romney lost and gingrich went after bain and the entire republican party was defending wall street and reunited? >> this problem is more than just coming up with immigration. you have to have a policy approach that is not just negative. no, no, no, what we are missing with this election and what it could have been was vision for the economy. the vision for jobs. the real vision. >>gregg: we will take a quick break. is it tainted? time to panic? >>heather: also coming up, a powerful earthquake shakes southeast asia with a dozen people feared dead and priceless buddhist relics destroyed. >>heather: and now a quick check of the headlines, with a strong earthquake in burma killing a dozen people with your damage reported to temples. another nato service member has been
voters are looking for. that your world view is mainly focused on meeting the obligations of commitments made. that was you should recruit romney and mccain. negotiate a deal with the chamber of commerce? if i were them, i would get it out of the way. and then you can set of economic issue and you have a much greater challenge. the president knows how he will raise income and create jobs. that's the first thing to deliver on. >> let's not underestimate the challenge the president faces. the election yesterday was 50- 48. the president managed to get less than 40% support from the largest group. he leads a very divided country and he helped make the divide by the way he ran the campaign. it is incumbent on this president to reach out, to show ogling is to expand his coalition, to be flexible with some of his policy options, and only he can do. . no one else other than this president can get beyond this incredible divisiveness. >> as of right now, his margin of victory is the smallest ever for it successfully reelected president as a share of the popular rovote. >> that won't remain. >> bu
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